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A model of employee care against misfortunes

India’s largest private firm and Asia’s richest couple Mukesh and Nita through communication to their colleagues have announced Reliance Family Support and Welfare SchemeThe soul-touching communication was packed with a liberal social protection scheme that would take absolute care of all its deceased employees.

Let our politician note, Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries in a communication jointly issued by Mukesh Ambani and Nita Ambani on a caption “WE CARE: Honouring the Promise of One Reliance Family” informed its employees that “as One Reliance Family, each one’s loss is irreplaceable and bears heavily on our collective consciousness.” Communication, in the context of many people’s death by the pandemic, bears great importance. 

“If there is one common unifying thread that runs through everything we do at Reliance, it is simply this- WE CARE. And we attach the highest importance to Employee Care,” the communication noted and further said: “While nothing can compensate for the loss of a loved one, we remain committed to helping each member of their family cope through this difficult period with faith and fortitude.” Both of them, through communication, announced Reliance Family Support and Welfare Scheme. According to the scheme, Reliance will continue to provide the last drawn monthly salary of the deceased employees to their nominee for five years.

The company will provide 100% payment of tuition fee, hostel accommodation and book fee up to bachelor’s degree at any institute in India for all children of the deceased. It will also bear 100% payment of premium for hospitalization coverage for spouse, parents and children till the bachelor’s degree of the children.

Further, all colleagues affected by COVID-19 personally or within their family can avail of the special Covid leave for the full duration of their recovery, both physically and emotionally. “This leave policy is extended to ensure that our colleagues only focus on recovering fully or caring for their family members, ” the communication further mentions. In a soul-teaching communication, India’s richest couple noted: “Even though these times may seem very bleak, always remember that you are not alone and the entire institution of Reliance stands with each one of you and your family. We have come together thus tar precisely on the strength of our solidarity as One Team and with the ownership mindset that we will keep fighting this adversity until we win”

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