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The Ayurveda Company

Raises growth capital The Ayurveda Company, owned by KE Healthcare Pvt Ltd, has successfully managed to raise capital for its future growth. The company is preparing itself to become India’s fastest-growing D2C beauty and wellness brand, say its Founders Param Bhargava and Shreedha Singh. The Ayurveda Company (TAC), which claims to be India’s first science-backed Ayurveda, has raised an undisclosed amount in various rounds of funding from GetVantage, Velocity, and Shiprocket Capital through revenue-based financing. The company will deploy these investments for growth marketing, inventory capital and workplace benefits. The brand aims to target the growing digital consumers of India in the D2C personal care space. This is the second venture of founders Param and Shreedha after the su...

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Great sorrow of George Soros

Great sorrow of George Soros Tainted Philosophy At the World Economic Forum, one of the world's richest men, George Soros lamented over India's increasing nationalist trend. The countries like the United States, Israel, China, Japan and almost all Islamic Republics are strong nationalists. But they are not branded nationalists, since rulers Of those countries do not tolerate that kind Of elements or the people of those countries do not go by what outsiders talk about the country. Still George Soros, with notoriety for funding activists in various countries to gain a bargaining strength in the economy, is more concerned about India. In the name Of philanthropy, he funds reactionaries, remunerates the anti-establishment voices and blackmails the government for his gains. "...

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Nirmala Sitharaman

The woman is leading one of the biggest forces of the world and entrusted with responsibilities of defending a country of second largest population living in the most war-vulnerable land. Until her name was announced as defence minister no one could guess even remotely that she would become India’s defence minister, one of the toughest jobs. Now she completed one-year as a good performer. She has in her another tougher job in her hand for the party – to find somehow a base in her home State. Woman empowerment makes women show their capabilities and their readiness to fight even battles with enemies. Today the world’s seventh largest country’s defense is vested on a woman, the boss of male dominated armed forces chiefs. Nirmala Sitharaman became the first full time woman defense ...

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