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The future YOUTH FACE

AKMAS’ range of beauty care and sanitizing products will take its new brand to a new level in India and abroad as the management offers the finest quality R&D-driven products.

YOUTH FACE is a new cosmetic brand of AKMAS Life Science and Chemicals, a 25-year-old company with a footprint in India, Gulf countries and Africa. AKMAS is a pharmaceutical and personal beauty care product company focusing
majorly on cosmetics and hair oil. The company is rapidly expanding its brand footprint in new geographies as it is contemplating setting up exclusive brand outlets to attract beauty-conscious youngsters. It has a brand outlet in Mangaluru, Karnataka and Kasargod in Kerala. Another exclusive brand outlet is coming up in Mumbai. Inspired by the massive public response towards the brand launches in Mangaluru and Kasargod, the company is planning to open outlets in other places also.

Under the eight-month-old YOUTH FACE brand, there is a range of products to take care of one’s all-stage personal beauty needs. The vitamin E-enriched beauty soap comes in a papaya flavour that brightens skin in 14 days. Currently, there are three categories of face wash, which include papaya-based, acne-fight face wash, lemon lemon-flavoured face wash. The company makes keratin shampoo, which contains no sulphate.

There are two categories of body lotion, petroleum jelly-based and moisturizing lotion. Besides body lotion, the company also makes tinted sunscreen cream. The lip care products include lip balm and lip scrub. Similarly, lip scrub comes under three categories such as banana, papaya and gold-based. 

The brand also has a range of hair oils. The most popular all-category hair oil contains 32 herbs that give protection against hair fall and nourishing hair growth. The product ensures the desired results in 90 days. There are hair oils for men and women. Besides the hair oils, the company also makes beard oil under the same brand for the growth of beards and moustaches. Among all products, perfume is one of the major categories the brand is well-known for. It makes perfume for men, women and all classes of people. 

Product quality and skin and hair safety are the major focal points of all the products. The brand has a policy of launching the product after thorough testing and observation. “We never compromise with the quality of our products as we are extremely careful of using the finest quality materials and processing systems. Our manufacturing facility has the advantage of proximity to the raw material sources,” says Mr Ashraf, promoter of the company. The company has rich experience in exporting cosmetic products, Mr Ashraf has many years of experience in the perfume business working in the Gulf countries. The experience helps the company understand the level of quality acceptance of various markets. Accordingly, the brand adopts its quality standard.     

“Typically, our R&D centre works for at least two years before readying a product for launch. Through the entire formulating stage, our team of experts keeps close vigil to ensure that the final product meets our quality needs,” says Moinudeen, Managing Director of the company. Every product we roll out will be of premium quality with an assurance of maintaining quality standards. Currently, forty products are under various stages of development in the R&D. As the brand rolls out new products, the company will set up more exclusive brand outlets for YOUTH FACE.

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