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Covid news: What has disappeared reappears!

Our media has not given up on Covid. It continues to be a news beat, even though the terrific experience of the pandemic-induced lockdown has faded from the public’s attention. For two years, Covid sent shivers down the spine. Still, the media and medical fraternity believe that this virus has killed so many people. It has blown a big hole in the human economy and human psychology as intended by the architect of the pandemic. People still suffer and assign all the troubles to the coronavirus.  Everyone wishes to forget about the nightmare. But the media seems keen to revive the fear and hype it as a hot subject.

Despite its name, Covid-19 hasn’t left behind any importance in humans’ lives today. It is now a part of the common cold that doctors treat sitting at their clinic without a personal protection (PP) kit.  Patients and doctors understood that the virus now does not cause any trouble. Everyone could learn this fact through their experience.

Instead of chasing the coronavirus, the media should focus on health issues. Covid-19 is outdated news. An isolated case of infection is not a public concern. The media cannot sell old news at the same price it used to sell when coronavirus was just an ‘enigma’. When the price and demand fall, it should find an alternate topic.

In my earlier blogs, I mentioned how we gave more value and attention to something that artificially gets more demand. Covid-19 was stealing the headlines for more than 20 months. Slowly Covid-19 news began to move to the corners of inside pages. After a hiatus of 10 months, the news is resurfacing. Is it a part of someone’s conspiracy?  

People die for many reasons. It could be pollution-induced cancer, contaminated drinking water, food poisoning, progression of chronic diseases because of unhealthy lifestyles, drug overdose, wrong diagnosis, disease mismanagement, ill-affordability of treatment, etc. Air pollution is one of the major killers. This serious killer escapes public attention.
Corporate interests will be on one side. The media will never infringe on its pre-drawn border. While we see most human illnesses emerge from pollution and food poisoning, we do not see any banner headline on this subject. At the same time, instead of focusing on real matters, the media focuses on the long gone covid. Today there is hardly any hospitalisation. The mortality rate is less than the cases of other diseases. Serious news never appears when what has disappeared reappears!



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