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On the tribulations the policies bring

Every trouble one faces could find its root in the policies and customs that he has to follow. No one is free from the obstacles of one or the other at any moment of his life. Did anyone ever think what the human world would look like if no policies exist?

We often boast about developing a system under a constitution that makes us accountable for our behaviour and misbehaviour. That leads to the consolidation of a political ecosystem rather than an ecosystem for natural living. We also say it is because we live under a reciprocal system and we are different from other living beings on the animal planet. Yes, the history of reciprocity of primates dates back millions of years, ever since humans spotted the spark of fire. History took humans through many tides and storms. The nature of reciprocity ever remained unquestionably intact. So long as nature gives everything to every living being to the level each one deserves or to a point each one can extract, the formation of a policy is only a fabrication of a scaffold. 

Since the very moment humans began to think about a policy as a canon to rule, they began to feel the need for a written code that framed their social behaviour. The long-term interests of rulers necessitated a political ecosystem. Gradually, that became our living ecosystem! Other animals do not require a consciously created canon because, as we say, animals are not urbane stocks. Yet, they live their life. Preys and predators coexist. They live in harmony with nature until humans endanger the ecology. Animals are self-madein their world. They have no underworld or a proxy world because they are not under any acceptable or unacceptable policy regime. And they have no justice system because they do not tend to commit crimes against their race. It is here the civilized human world differs.  

We, the modern primates, need systems and customs for everything from life to death. Our polity needs a manageable constitutional system to rule the subjects. The ultimate connotation of any system we develop and enforce is to see all living under a customary code. Along with the system, we have developed a system to contain the violation of rules. That shows people will violate the system at one or the other point of time in their life. If this is created for public wellness and people are aware of the same, there is no need for a system.  Those who violate the system are unhappy with its provisions of the system. Those who do not infringe the system do not indicate their approval of the system either.

The constitution that governs a state has its origin in imperialism enactments. Imperial powers had built their constitutional framework in their timely orders and despotic commands, which they changed according to the need of time and response from the masses. The United States of America made it convincingly more formal. Thus it became a modern concept, developed not from any social disorder but for having a political order and control over the masses. When the immigrants began to control their newfound land, especially with their intellectual superiority and fairness of the skin, natives had enough to resist. That necessitated a common constitution that could bind everything.

It is, in fact, a political fashion after establishing the Constitution of the United States of America in 1789. The constitutional provision of every country changed almost every decade, showing either there are plenty of shortcomings in the constitution or the polity keeps changing its desires with the change of time. The powers that constitutional provisions grant to various institutions and designated individuals enable them to rule the people at their interpretable desires. The special powers under some policies conferred on individuals are not powers but the terms and conditions for people to live under a cautiously built living ecosystem.  

The system forces us to err the system, thereby making us liable for punishment. Under a so-called policy-driven system, what is not a crime becomes a crime, and the actual crime gets sanctified. The policies have effectively made a cage making us live within it. The stricter the policies, the more the human temptation to break them up. No integrated policy regime can uniformly satisfy the entire masses. Policies are the only obstacles to smooth living. A natural system doesn’t need the policy to control any life born on the earth. If we depend on a policy to discipline us, we miss the core of an organism that nature has created. We function like a machine that runs a standard operating procedure (SOP).



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