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Animals are no subordinates

Humans and animals: Laws are equal

Some ray of hope emerges when all hopes are lost… this is the verdict of nature.

We have become arch enemies of elephants. Instead of finding real reasons or developing better solutions, we have killed or trapped them to satisfy our pleasure. Today, laws are more stringent, making it more difficult to trap an elephant. Since we believe every creature on earth is liable to provide us with food or happiness, we never mind torturing them. We expect everyone to follow our system and rules. We offer them a lavish shower every day. If possible, we could also clean their teeth. Most elephant lovers are unaware that elephants do not need showers or cannot tolerate heat. However, we still insist they travel in vehicles and stand in the heat. We believe that our so-called love for them makes them feel happy.

There have been several news headlines about the elephant known as the “Ari Kompan” these days. He destroyed 27 ration shops to take away rice. People say it killed many people.

We all know elephants are herbivores. So I have a doubt. It does not consume animal flesh, including humans. Why does it attack only humans, not other animals, even if a few disturb it? We torture elephants severely. Even though we trap, kill, and curtail their legitimate right to live, they hardly respond to us. Still, we enjoy the immoral right to torture them! We believe the earth should be the abode of only humans!

A case involving Ari Kompan reached the High Court. This time justice stipulated that, like any other animal, it has the right to live where it does. The government has the responsibility to provide shelter for families living on its path. Then it won’t disturb humans. The government has given settlement land for the Adivasis at “elephant path”. Ever since it has become a nightmare for the local habitats.

The forest department officials informed the Court that they were ready to relocate the elephant. But the Court disagreed and ordered them to relocate the Adivasis. Such suggestions are admirable. The order remains a warning to everyone who troubles animals. There is still a ray of hope.

Mumbai High Court (HC) gave a similar verdict in the stray dogs’ case too. The HC heard an animal lover’s complaint that the RNA Housing Society in Kandivali prevented her from feeding stray dogs outside the society.

According to the HC, the dogs are now part of your housing society because your housing society nurtured them. Therefore, dogs have a birthright to live under Article 21 of the Indian constitution.

There is still no guarantee that highly sophisticated humans will understand the value of every life and their right to live on earth. We can still have hope in such Court verdicts since the Court values all lives equally.



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