People always see the success at the top of the ladder, but a few realize how tough and challenging the climb is.

We, at Insight, bring to you, the story of blood, sweat, and tears, the story that not many know, the story that has brought your idols to the level that they’re at today.

Insight. The annual Business, Finance, and Economic Meet of NM College, presents to you The Conclave which invites on stage well known speakers to share different chapters in the story of their lives in a highly charged and inspiring backdrop.
It comprises of wide array of topics, divided into segments, thus giving the attendees an opportunity to expand their thought processes and broaden their minds to newer and better possibilities.

Some of the segments are-

Going Viral

Here, we’ll discuss how the Indian Content Writing Industry has been revolutionised, how content is curated & how it is made go viral.

Behind the Beats

This segment highlights the role of finance in Music since songs are an integral part of the movies and a major crowd puller and trend setter.

Come, witness the “behind the scenes” story of those who are the source of inspiration for many today.

For more details, please log to www.nminsight.org and be a part of this exciting journey which is full of fun, learning and development.

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