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AKMAS Life Science and Chemicals

The future YOUTH FACE AKMAS' range of beauty care and sanitizing products will take its new brand to a new level in India and abroad as the management offers the finest quality R&D-driven products. YOUTH FACE is a new cosmetic brand of AKMAS Life Science and Chemicals, a 25-year-old company with a footprint in India, Gulf countries and Africa. AKMAS is a pharmaceutical and personal beauty care product company focusingmajorly on cosmetics and hair oil. The company is rapidly expanding its brand footprint in new geographies as it is contemplating setting up exclusive brand outlets to attract beauty-conscious youngsters. It has a brand outlet in Mangaluru, Karnataka and Kasargod in Kerala. Another exclusive brand outlet is coming up in Mumbai. Inspired by the massive public respons...

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The need for a new equation for inclusive growth

Covid-19 took the lives of nearly 1.9 million people in 2020, with the biggest toll reported by the US and Brazil. The year saw over 84 million people infected, while the exact number recorded in China, the epicenter was not known to the world. India stood third place n terms of infection and mortality while having only half the number recorded by the US India's mortality rate was also the lowest, which astonished the world. The year 2021 began with not so good news for California and London as the death toll and fear of infection in these places terrified the world. But for the rest of the world, the year 2021 began with a hope of ebbing the pandemic load and bracing a hope of vaccine supplies. Most people in India considered Covid-19 only as flu. Doctors called it the dirty flu wi...

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NBCFDC: Inoculation training

The government carried out nine-day upskilling training in the blended learning model of e-leaming and physical workshops for inoculation of vaccines. National Backward Classes Finance and Development Corporation (NBCFDC) under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and Apollo Medskills has signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) for delivery of vaccine administration training to nurses and pharmacists belonging to the other backward classes communities (OBCs) and economically backward classes (EBCs) persons using the co-funding of NBCFDC. The nine-day upskilling training is to be carried out in the blended learning model Of e-learning and physical workshops as per the curriculum drawn from operating guidelines issued by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Over the next ...

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The thriving inorganic business has the potential to conquer the world for the misery of the next generation of animal lovers and meat lovers fail to mind the non-science of the ultra-science. The cloning business is attracting huge capital to tap the huge market of meats and pets. The dangerous next-generation business is set to thrive on the next generation's craze Of making everything by infringing nature. None cared when cloned cats and dogs had hit headlines of the science press. When people want to eat the meat of cloned livestock, that's crazy. Livestock cloning is not a headline but a beautiful advertisement. A science magazine recently reported. In China, where demand for prime-quality beef is rocketing, another cloning company thinks its customer's wilt. Boyalife Genomi...

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Chaotic 2020: Out of Wall

If small companies fail to come up. the economy can only edge into a more serious crisis. The effect will percolate down to massive loan repayment defaults, dragging the lenders' feet also into crisis. The calendar 2020 wasn't inspiring. except to select drug companies. mostly multinationals. Everyone had a big hope as the Old calendar opened. as usual But in business, things were not so good for small businesses even before the hit of the pandemic. They weren't fully out of the woods. Many of the small business units hadn't fully recovered from the impacts Of demonetization and compulsion to migrate into the post-GST era. Still. they all might have anticipated a turnaround by the fag-end of the year 2020. But everything turned topsy-turvy before the first quarter of the calendar 20...

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TEXPROCIL 66th Annual General Meeting

Manoj K. Patodia Chairman, TEXPROCIL Patodia is a well-known entrepreneur active in various associations. His appointment will help its members in many ways, thanks to his sound knowledge of the industry and MSMEs. Manoj Kumar Patodia is elected Chairman of TEXPROCIL in its 66th Annual General Meeting. Patodia has the export of yarns and fabrics across the world and in real estate development in the southern part of India. He has vast experience in corporate management. spanning over three decades, besides exports. He has played a key role in the establishment of Indian textile products worldwide. He is also a member of the Western region committee of FICCI. Managing Committee Member at Chamber of Commerce Industry (IMC). Prior to this, he was heading the MSME committee and carried...

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Union Budget 2021-22

Important takeaways Through the budget proposal for the financial year 2021-22, the Union government has taken several measures to protect the weaker and vulnerable sections of the society, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Union Minister for Finance and Corporate Affairs, Nirmala Sitharaman said, within 48 hours of declaring a three-week-long complete lockdown, the Prime Minister announced the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana (PMGKY). Valued at ₹ 2.76 trillion, the PMGKY provided free food grain to 800 million people, free cooking gas for 80 million families for months, and cash directly to over 400 million farmers, women, the elderly, the poor and the needy.In pursuance of the measures taken for the weaker sections, the Finance Minister announced that to further facilita

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Ghost of an ego-centric era

As a shareholder, Rana Kapoor's principal aim naturally was to add value to his holding. For this, he used to declare aloud and repeated several times that he wanted to build the world's best bank in India. Finally, he landed in jail. YES, would have been a sure fall Yes Bank once lured cream customers from public sector banks for expansion of its base. It ended in the hands of a public sector bank for its survival. Band successful PR attempt to creep into mainline media made the small Yes Bank a big Yes Bank by name under clever shrewd Rana Kapoor. The talks of knowledge banking, agricultural banking, priority sector banking so on, and so forth kept it moving on express tracks with no analysts ever delving deep into the soul. Rana Kapoor, the co-founder of...

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Apparel Troubles

The crisis still looms large over the industry that deepens the fears despite some relief they gained from switching over to making masks and personal protection materials. There have been huge demands for these items from both home and foreign markets. When will it end? Three shocks in four years crippled the apparel industry more severely than anybody could imagine. The only hope that some of the organized players could get was the revival package by which the banks opened more credit facilities and repayment moratorium for companies. But the industry’s big contributors, who happened to be unorganized players, continue to suffer demand slackness and job-work inquiries. Early March this year, just before the Covid-19 lockdown was declared, apparel re...

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Hospitality set to lose Rs 90k crore: Over-capacity to put pressure on price realisation

The prospects of the industry depend on vaccine supply, which is expected to cover the entire population by the end of 2021 or 2022 The Indian hospitality sector fears a revenue loss of nearly Rs 90,000 crore in 2020 Hotel occupancy improved from 10% in April to almost 26% in September. Pre-COVID-19, over 11,500 rooms were to be added in 2020 and 202. At present, only 15-20% of the anticipated 2020 supply is expected The hotel industry currently survives on domestic leisure travel and outbound luxury travel. COVID-19 has left an unprecedented impact on the hotel sector in India. HVS ANAROCK anticipates the overall Indian hospitality sector, including organized, unorganized and semi-organized operators, to incur an estimated revenue loss of nearly Rs 90,000 crore in 2020. Occ

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