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Crumbing State of Careless Natives

If what the serosurvey points out is true and the test-positivity factor is a warning, Kerala is crumbling gradually. It is not because of the failures of the State government and local governing authorities alone but by the combined contribution of natives’ neglect of all precautions. Until the natives voluntarily do not try a temporary embargo on their reckless run for ruinous cannabis and alcoholic drinks, the infectious virus will continue to stay with them to ensure total devastation. The time is still not too late to be careful.

I am afraid Kerala is in a mess reeling with more than half the number of new Covid-19 cases reported in the entire country. I remember the excellent preparation of Kerala for an all-out fight against the pandemic in summer last year, joined by the police force, medical fraternity, voluntary organisations and politicians, keeping aside all their ideological discords. My friend, an active politician and a senior police officer known for his integrity, explained how hard they worked at the grassroots level to win a war on the pandemic.

Soon, the State fell with a high rate of infections for reasons beyond the control of the government. Natives were to be brought home from around the world. That led to a flare-up of numbers during the first wave. The reasons were attributable to the unavoidable evacuation of sons of the soil trapped abroad. Many of them had carried viruses with them. Still, Kerala was confident of controlling the spread. The government could control it admirably well. The volatile numbers, nevertheless, frequently matched with and overshot the worst-hit Maharashtra. Now it is consistently up, heading to eerie days. Sadly, everyone seems to have neglected the fundamental reasons for the sorry change.

What creates more space for fear is the recent serosurvey report. The report has shown around 55 per cent of the State’s population are yet to have antibodies, making them vulnerable to infection. That means the State is teetering to the edge of a fearful healthcare crisis. Being reluctant to be precautious about adhering to social distancing order means the natives are inviting a spook. State machinery and health workers have limitations in handling a pandemic of this mammoth size. People also have the responsibility to save themselves from infection.

Earlier, we used to attribute the rise in infections to the more broad-based test rate of Kerala. Such a hollow argument used to give us some relief from the alarming numbers, though unreasonable. However, a recently reported test positivity rate of over 13 per cent of the State against the national average of 2.68 per cent defeated the argument. Uttar Pradesh reported the lowest test-positivity rate of 0.01 per cent four days ago. Kerala and Uttar Pradesh have more or less the same density of population per square kilometre.

Today, the active case reported in Kerala is twice the size of the second highest, that is Maharashtra. The average daily case is three times that of Maharashtra. Yet, we all leisurely share the daily data every evening with sarcastic comments. The death count that the State reports every day is unreal, as we see an unprecedented rush in crematoriums. That is again not a mistake of the government or local governing body, but the natives, who refuse to report their infection to the health authorities. Infection is not a social crime or shame, as many of the people in the State believe. Because of such false beliefs, people around them also fall victim to the infection. In the unreported cases, dead bodies tested positive.

Outside the State, Malayalees are called a well-educated group, socially conscious and better than others in healthcare. Outside, we are the most socially acceptable ethnic group for our openness to mixing with other ethnic groups without feeling any discomfort. A peep inside the home, of late, gives an immense insecurity feeling and fear about the future of the State. The long queue before liquor stores may not be as horrendous as knowing that cannabis and many psychoactive drugs are fast invading our new generation in the State. As the ruinous cannabis comes cheaper, the liquor addicts find new options to switch over. Never mind the lockdown and pandemic; they are helplessly and uncontrollably out to hunt for the drug that cannot chase the virus out but port with them. Don’t overlook this fundamental reason, which remains, but outside everyone’s surveillance.

Let us not make the beautiful robe of Kerala malfunction and invite a disaster. Each citizen has a role in changing the image of the State for good or bad.

Udaykumar KV

Udaykumar KV

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