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Finance Bill 2022-23

Finance Bill 2022-23, which highlights the nuances of taxes and fiscal matters approved by the Parliament according to the government proposal immediately after the budget presentation. Only after the approval from the members of the parliament, the budget proposals can be implemented. The documents contain provisions about cess and tax additions and exemptions under income tax, customs and excise . Finance-bill-2022-23Download ...

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Gulam Nabi Azad is the new political focal point. Branded now a rebel within his party, the staunch Congress leader since Indira Gandhi days, is now an unwanted man by his party for his G23 venture, a rebel faction against the present leadership. Azad is one of the soberest faces of Congress, unlike most of the leaders within the group. As a true nationalist Muslim, one-time Chief Minister of the erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir, even the Hindu nationalist party also never questioned his integrity and secular approach. That has brought immense respect to this Kashmiri Muslim leaderacross the country. His elevation to national politics was rapid. A Congress block committee president in 1973 became All India President of All India Youth Congress seven years later. The last ministerial post h...

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