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Date: 06.02.2023


Shri: Narendra  Damodardas  Modi

Hon: Prime Minister of India

New Delhi


Sub: Railways neglect lakhs of Malayalis residing in the remote Central suburbs of the Mumbai metropolitan region

The Railways neglects lakhs of Malayalis residing in the remote Central suburbs of Mumbai. Sadly, a major railway junction of the Mumbai metropolitan region mocks hapless home-going people!

From Kopar to Badlapur, and up to Asangaon, in the remote Central suburb of Mumbai, there are several thousand Malayalis – in the peripheries of 13 crowded local railway stations on the route. These suburbs have the highest density of Malayali population in the entire Mumbai metro region.

While the Indian railway is passing through a revolutionary phase with generally praiseworthy passenger comforts, the Malayalis of this region are struggling to find a dependable train from their nearest station, Kalyan junction, which is incidentally a major junction in the Mumbai Suburbs.  The Railways’ neglect of the Malayalis seemed revengeful neglect for no known reason.

There are plenty of examples of serious neglect.  Now Kalyan, the easily approachable station for people in many suburban locations, there is only one passing train Ernakulam-Nizamuddin Mangala Express (22617-22618). I am deeply saddened to say that it is the dirtiest of all trains running on the route. Further, it is the worst in terms of boarding and alighting experience with passengers always struggling to wriggle out to alight at Kalyan Station. Day by day the situation worsens, but none is concerned about it.  That is one of the visible examples of the Railways’ neglect of Malayalis.

Wherever there is a possibility and can make provision to help the Malayalis with new train services, that also the Railways authorities overlook – may or may not be for its own excuses.  A train from Pune to Ernakulam (22150/ Pune-Ernakluam SF Exp) bypasses Kalyan mockingly to touch Panvel as the next station, wherefrom it has to detach the engine from one end to the other end. If the same passes through Kalyan it does not need to change the engine position. But the Railways authority may argue that the train has 50 Km more to cover.  Passengers pay the fare for more according to the distance. This is another example of the Railways’ cognizant neglect.

Train No 16381 was the oldest Mumbai-Kerala connecting train. Though Malayalis rarely used the train because of its excessive time to reach, it used to pass through Kalyan. That was only the last resort for Malayalis in these regions if no other trains were available. Now that also stopped and reset the departure from Pune.

Sir, kindly look at the saddening reality; it is a shame to our planners who must read the fact that in a metropolitan city like Mumbai, thousands of native place-goers have to travel with their baggage and family members an average of 40 kilometers – or two hours to catch a train to Kerala.  Kalyan junction, an easily accessible place for lakhs of people residing in many suburbs, is one of the largest junctions in the Mumbai metro region.

In Mumbai, upcountry traveling becomes a nightmare on weekdays because of the unavoidable overcrowding of office-goers. It becomes hellish on Sundays due to the MegaBlock and the cancellation of too many suburban trains. The Railways want the people of this region to go through the worst possible experience by denying them convenient trains at the largest junction of the metro regions.

The Railways is changing in a radical phase. The Railway stations are wearing a spectacular new look. Coaches are world-class. Yet, deprived thousands in remote Central suburbs of Mumbai live in disappointment. I earnestly draw your kind attention to the worst experience of the home-going Malayalis who reside in the region due to the Railway’s negligence.


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