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Death is no more natural for science!

Death at even an early age after a long treatment with huge exposure to modern medicines astonishingly becomes natural death! What makes people accept this strange misinterpretation as a truth?

Many people die of illness at a young age under treatment in hospitals. Can we call all such deaths natural death? Such deaths happen either because of wrong medicines, failed diagnosis or lack of solutions in medical science. There are bizarre shreds of evidence of medical science killing human beings after its disgraceful contribution to the drug-induced slippage in the quality of patients’ life. There are common incidents of patients’ long exposure to wrong drugs prescribed by qualified medical practitioners that cause death. Similarly, there is drug overdose, which causes deaths. Should we attribute all these inadequacies that led to one’s death to natural death? Death happens after a long tribulation and shrinkage in quality of life. Many patients in the course of medication used to feel death is far better than life in the hands of medical science. The best example is cancer victims, barring certain exceptions of fully treatable types of cancer. They begin to face the agony of cancer from the day they begin their treatment. A large number of cancer patients live a normal life until the beginning of the treatment. For them, the beginning of treatment means counting down their days to the reality called death.

Most cancer victims die earlier than they could have lived in normal circumstances after diagnosing their ailments due to the drugs, which breaks the quality of their life. Imagine an asymptomatic cancer patient beginning cancer treatment! A virtual hell befell them to count down their days. That shatters the life of the entire family. They never come back to their normal life. They helplessly stare at the unending tribulations which make them beg after selling everything they have, yet for living in a virtual hell.  

Treatment for one ailment brings multiple comorbidities. Everything becomes a disaster as we run in panic for the extension of life span through an artificial method that the business-oriented modern medical science works for. They become one in the rat trap. There is no other first-line option than modern medicine. What they impose on us, we have to gulp. Even Ayurvedic practitioners are compelled to follow modern medicines for treating their illnesses.

License to manage the disease with responsibility does not seem to be a bond to save one’s life. It is ultimately a license to practice a profession for earning money. Each morbidity opens up a new source of income for the medical industry. Unfortunately, this license is used for protecting themselves from all malpractice. Without the interference of medical science also lifespan is increasing after a fall in the early stage of the industrial era. Before medical science made any milestone, human beings had a longer life span. Chimpanzees, which share almost 99 per cent of DNA with human beings, could increase their life span without the intervention of modern medical science. Chimpanzees live more than 60 years. Elephants also live their full life with no support from medical science; so do all wild animals. It is their ardent desire to live longer that helps them increase the life span of their species. They care about their health with the given comfort of nature which helps their desire to live longer. But for anything good that human beings find through natural sources, medical science takes home the credit. An ecosystem under which an animal lives has in it the necessary elements that expand its life span. Every living being with a desire to live longer is driven by their instinct. They are unequivocally capable of harnessing the support of nature. Nature keeps its rescue plan to let the living being take away the best of what they deserve. In this equation, I think there is nothing to boast about in the achievements of medical science. Each animal follows their protective ecosystem. 

Let’s talk about a deer or any animal which wanders in a group. The herding system is their defence against the predators like a lion. They resort to the best natural ways to live a safer life. But, I don’t think human beings could explore effective ways other than modern medical science, which, I dare say, killed more people than it could save. The panic run for life-saving solutions takes human beings into a disaster.  

Medical science does not seem to allow humans to die naturally. For them every death by illness at any age is natural! But the truth is that it ensures human beings a more painful and expensive medical death after many months of mental and physical torments. The advocates of medical science may not accept the truth and force us to believe that failed treatment is natural death. Science does its own business even in death. It has a limitation that limits the hope of patients. It gives up mercilessly those it cannot treat and lives their life in a lurch. Still, in fatalities, we call the silver ray of hope for a miraculous recovery. 

The economy of medical science thrives on human fear of disease threat to life. That is the result of humans’ panic run for finding a way to live longer. There is nothing wrong with the economic interest of medical science. Where it goes wrong is its failure in allowing human beings to live through the span set by nature. 

People in panic resort to their last hope in the providential hands of medical science out of their severe pain and discomfort. But these people become the subjects of exploitation. Even in those cases with severely poor prognosis, medical experts run trials with more dosages as if the last effort to save one’s life. The dead body is carried out on a stretcher along with the shocking bills. Why the doctors do it is unconvincing. 

Today every hospital has a ventilator. Even if there is only a narrow chance to return to life, hospitals place the patients on the ventilator. The machine gives artificial ventilation that cripples the natural ventilating system of the human body. The pain the patients have in the process is inexplicable. The greedy hospitals kill their kin along with the patients, taking the last coin from them for no hope of recovery. Our fear for life thus turns into a disastrous end. Yet we cannot get rid of our fear of death and continue to live a happy life. It would be a tough call for everyone.

People who are financially well off are on a better part of their minds. As I always say, money is not everything, but it is a matter. In extending death or in delaying ageing, money plays a part. It is on this money that medical science is built. Since it is built on money as a business proposition, its principal aim is to multiply the seed money.

Medical science ultimately tries to promise people reverse-ageing solutions and fight death. There are many techniques to replace and revive the ageing cells of an individual that make one look younger, setting aside the concern of death. However, medical science has contributed a huge share to premature death. What if one dies of an accident after a successful cell revival treatment from a hospital? We ascribe this fate to a tragedy. Incident of murder is a quarter less than the number of suicide, mostly out of stress and mental disorders. Death by medicines may continue to disturb the human species so long as the human tendency to stretch life span through inorganic drugs continues.

Sajikumar Nair


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