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British MPs’ hypocrisy: Did anyone pay for their protest against India’s Farm Bills?

Neither any of the British MPs nor any world leader has anything to do with India’s laws. British MPs have nothing to do with India’s internal matter. India has a democratically elected government in place. It functions according to the interest of the people and the country. It knows what people require time-to-time and what law to be made according to the change of time. Let the British MPs mind their own business. 

Before writing a letter to the British Foreign Secretary to show their protest against India’s three Farm Bills, they should have looked at India’s Financial Criminal Extradition Treaty with Britain that brings them billions of looted money from India to make them rich. In 28 years none, but one runaway Indian rich man could be brought back to India for any financial crime. The treaty was almost a farce as Britain framed the law that binds the black money in such a way that it only encourages looters. British Wealth Management handles $ 800 billion in counterfeit money that flowed into the British Virgin Islands. Between 2007 and 2015, the estimated value of Indian smugglers who smuggled their bounty into the UK was an astounding $ 129 billion. Did any of the British MPs utter a word about their openly farcical law that protected criminals from India? How did the British Wealth Management industry flourish? Under the law, how many looters have been extradited to India? None, but one in 2016. 

Did the British Labour MPs ever protest against the British law that protected the hardcore financial criminals from India who sought shelter in their count? Britain silently enjoys the extravaganza of the Indian looters. How did they become suddenly concerned about India? Shame, Anand Dubey, lawyer of Vijay Mallya, was appointed to review the FCA Act when former British Prime Minister Tressa May was former Home Secretary. British MPs must stop their hypocrisy.

If the British MPs have no business to mind, let them read what happens in other parts of their own continent, including Belarus and Turkey. Last month in a Mozambique village of Nanjaba Islamists beheaded 50 people. Many countries in Africa have become a hellhole guarded by Islamists. It seems the British MPs do not know such humanitarian crises. Let them at least save their own continent before looking at India.

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