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The independent India

The independent India is now 72 years. More than a decade ago, a generation born after the independence has gone home to rest from their life of public service, other than politicians. Many of them had precious talents though strived under many difficulties in inhospitable times. Famine, death by tuberculosis, typhoid, malaria and many other maladies killed people with numbers couldn’t be counted. The generation, who dreamed new India after 1947, passed away food-less, cloth-less and homeless. Clean drinking water, primary health care system and roads were only dreams. Business opportunities were kept locked under strict license regime. In a country of half a billion people, business opportunities we re-undiscovered or kept aside as prejudiced against the interest of the masses,while landlords ruled the roost.   

Though not many freedom fighters are alive now, there are two generations who had carried the brunt of English rule and its consequence. The abject penury, shelter-less misfortune of most denizens,impossible schooling for rural children what more the un-celebrated picture of bullock-carts on highways contributed to make India’s picture. Outside the border and in the lands of white men the picture was shabbier despite our sleeping richness, holed-up treasure and the majestic cultural inheritance. Our visionaries had dreamt a paradise, not foolishly but optimistically. But almost half a decade went off  by the time we made an attempt to re-discover our potential richness, talents, scope for system improvement and to build heart to dismantle the legacies. Until two decades ago a land line telephone at a residence was a luxury. Connecting the other end of India was unthinkably costlier, set aside the affordability of cellular phones.

Unit half a decade ago, foreign business tycoons, economic brains, financial institutions and foreign governments did not take India seriously for good reasons. India was a laboratory and the people the cheap guinea pigs humming in cities and country sides. They rolled their mills and factories hectic to ship the outputs for hefty premium to India. In Europe, America and China commercial mills won’t run if Indians stop opening their mouth at home. In 72 years, the population boomed an alarming three-fold that has now given us the boon of enviable size of new generation with two-thirds well at their most productive age in life. In fact, today, 72 per cent of the population is at their most productive period in life. They create big space or every business. When foreign mills can’t run in their stagnating economy and dwarfing condition of population, their rebuke on India has turned into an admiration and fascination. They hired and trained Indian and Indian brains. They become rich and supper rich and bantered our systems. Nevertheless the systems were banter-able. Yet, that is also alterable.

The last 28 years saw our war on reforming the systems. We tried to reform our systems systemically.  But two things did not decamp our culture, that is abhorrently plagued by Luteyan’s culture. Big men’s big thinking and big talks from the ivory tower, while they are supposed to serve the small, got their purpose and mandate lost in the course. The second thing is our mindset. If the decision makers have sadistic and corrupt mindset, what could be more tragic than this?   

But some hopes often counterbalance the hopelessness.

Message from the Editor’s Desk

Filling the space of moral journalism of modern age

We follow media ethics strictly, praising good works and tearing ruthlessly into bad works of reactionaries. We provide no space for meatless and meaningless gossips and arrogance of the self-acclaimed intellectual class sporting the fashion of anti-establishment attitude. We believe media should not build stories on the pain of masses and chew it several times beyond doing it for bringing justice to the people and victims of injustice. It is a promise, we would never carry a story unverified from right sources, but would be helpless if the sources, which are supposed to respond to our earnest and honest queries. Still, we would try our best to deliver the best of stories, features and special coverage items, keeping the best interest of the country, its economy, the interest of honest entrepreneurs, people-friendly business establishments and people at large.

Some section of people may not find the small ones be precious. But it is very often the small ones prove themselves to be more precious than the boasting big ones of inaccessible category. While small ones sit on the ground, the bid ones sit on the ivory tower. We are in for proving it by being loyal with those who cry for a support. Ecostar Business will not be a prisoner to any bias either in favour or against any political party, religion or business class, but will try its best to stay grappling with the moral journalism of modern age, that we call the CANDID JOURNALISM. An absolute Indian media for the best interest of the country and countrymen – we are committed to serve the targets through new genus of the Business Journalism.


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