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A gulf-based Indian businessman has done great work for his fellow citizens

Dhananjay Datar

Chairman and MD, A1 Adil Trading LLC, IJAE

Dr Dhananjay Datar, Gulf-based Indian businessman has done great work for his fellow citizens. His business group has rescued over 5000 Indians stranded at various troubled- zones, including Yemen.

Shipping crews including 14 Indians, five Bangladeshis, and one Egyptian were confined in Yemen for 10 months. Early December. they were released, thanks to the intervention Of Dr. Dhananjay Datar, Chairman and Managing Director of Al Adil Trading LLC, UAE.

Datar is popularly known as Masala King. He took painstaking efforts to make this rescue possible by keeping a follow-up and continuous communication with the Indian Embassy in Djibouti. close to Yemen. Dr. Datar also donated t20,000 each as emergency help to these penniless workers. The 14 Indian sailors traveled from Mumbai in February 2021 to Muscat in January last year to work for an Oman-based shipping company.

There they were accompanied by six other sailors from Bangladesh and Egypt. Since the shipping company got a contract from KSA. the crew started their first voyage on two ships on 3 rd February to Yanbu port of KSA. On 12th February the sea turned turbulent and sank one of the ships.

Fortunately, the crew members of the sunken ship were rescued in time and their journey continued through another ship. Soon the weather turned rough and cyclonic which forced the ship to anchor on the spot They didn’t know that the anchor point was actually in a war-prone zone and also within the maritime border of Yemen. Yemeni Coast Guards arrested the entire crew and confined them in a hotel in Sana city for further inquiry. The group spent six months in isolation in the hotel expecting their employer to take efforts for their rescue. A couple of months ago they were allowed to communicate with their families. Dr. Datar had recently helped rescue 700 Indian workers detained in KSA and his noble efforts were widely appreciated. Datar’s A1 Adil Group evacuated more than 5,000 jobless and penniless Indian workers stranded in the GCC region.


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