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Gifting wonders from India’s Tribals’ talent

Imagine, the talents of Indian tribals are nurtured with the support of TRIFED, which has now worked out a plan with Jagdalpur Jail authorities. The tribal inmates of the jail have made beautiful gifting items. TRIFED is doing a wonderful job.

Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation, widely known as TRIFED, is a national level cooperative body focusing on socio-economic development of tribals. It is an initiative that has institutionalised the trade of minor forest produce (MFP) and surplus agricultural produce (SAP) collected/ cultivated by the tribals of India. Under this umbrella, today 1.25 lakh tribal families work and make more than a lakh products. Sold through 121 outlets the products made by tribals generate a turnover of Rs 91 crore. 

TRIFED continues to expand the product lines. In recent weeks it has laid greater focus on immunity-boosting products and produce in the forest fresh and organics range. As a part of the new initiative, Tribes India has added products made by inmates of Central Jail of Jagdalpur.

Tribes India is continuing in its mission to transform tribal lives and improve their livelihoods, says Pravir Krishna, Managing Director, TRIFED. “Our association with the Central Jail in Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh is yet another initiative to provide the tribals a bigger market for their handicrafts and produce and help them become self-reliant and build an Atmanirbhar Bharat,” he points out. Tribes India e-Marketplace will make for excellent gifting products and will help spread cheer among these disadvantaged sections of society, he adds.

Tribal inmates of Jagdalpur Jail, with the support of TRIFED, have made beautifully crafted moorthis and some Ketki baskets. These attractive moorthis of Ganesha, Lakshmi, and Durga will not only make for gifting items but will also help make the tribal jail inmates self-reliant.

TRIFED will partner with the Central Jail of Jagdalpur for sourcing handicrafts from the jail inmates. Tribes India can help take these attractive handicrafts to market.

The other gifting products sourced from various parts of the country are lampshades with Saura paintings and dokradiyas from the tribes of Odisha. From the tribes of Tamil Nadu and the South, a new organic range of beauty products such as beeswax lip balms in different flavours like mint, lemon, vanilla has been introduced. Among the products launched from the West are beautiful hand-painted dupattas with Warli art, Warli jute bags, laptop bags, jute-organisers, torans and kandeels (lanterns).


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