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Econostar Business Publications has more than two decades experience in covering SMEs. Its closer interactions with lenders and financial service institutions engaged in providing services to SMEs, nature of various companies located in industrial ones, etc helped it learn the core issues of the sector and also find potential entrepreneurs, whose capability cannot be ignored as they lay faraway from the media world.
Since July 2018, Econostar Business Publications has been doing a survey on small and medium enterprises (SMEs). We have considered a company with turnover size between Rs 50 crore and 200 crore as small and Rs 201 crore and Rs 999 crore as medium size companies, beyond the definition made in the MSME Act. The primary aim of studying the company has been to trace potential entrepreneurship in them, who could be tomorrows business leaders and capable of redrawing India’s corporate landscape. We have found many of them couldn’t steal media limelight only because they did not hire a PR for image building nor have ever gone to talk a story that is larger than life.


  • Those who have become entrepreneur by spirit and by knowledge of the works acquired through earlier jobs
  • Technocrats deploying their academic knowledge and strength of professional education after gaining experience in other companies
  • Innovators, who have always been thinking of taking roads not taken by others, but for good results and have accomplished in their tasks
  • Second or third generation with a spirit to rekindle the legacy for a change in tune with the time.
  • Innovative startups with a vision for the next generation


  • Constant tracking of media report
  • Feedback from lenders and financial institutions
  • Close study on companies listed on the MSME platform of BSE and NSE
  • Study on venture capital and PE funded enterprises
  • Study on companies which manufactured new products and advertised through media
  • Feedback from equity ma rket analysts
  • Reference by large companies, lenders, service providers and suppliers of various items


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