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Nirav Modi: Diamond grade connoisseur of fraud

Diamond trade could be a good business for cheating the ignorant ones. Over-valued diamonds had a steep undervalue and the undervalued had much higher value, the Nirav Modi way had thrown a lesson for diamond buyers. But the racket master wouldn’t always be a winner.

If anything has made any rich man fool ever, that is the glittering “stone” called diamond. Diamond man could finally fool not only rich men but also bank and the government. The Central Bureau of investigation (CBI) is now investigating the fraud unleashed by the fugitive diamond man Nirav Modi, who ran away early this year as if to escape all his dodging and swindling activities. It is his foolishness to take the world lightly – or India more lightly. Uncle Mehul Choksi also ran away, believing that he would escape the law and cool his heel peacefully abroad. According to reports, the Enforcement Directorate could thwart all his attempts to dispose of his collection of diamonds and pearls with an estimated value of Rs 22.65 crore. He tried to ship the valuables from one place to another deploying his wife and step-mother as well as other members of his roaming army.
It seemed diamond traders used to sell what was not diamond, if the buyer was knave. It paved the way for suspicion that whatever they declared high value was usually of no value. The 47-year old Nirav Modi is a tricky diamond grade liar, if the information of taking the Enforcement Directorate for a ride is true.

The value of the diamond that he declared Rs 50 crore was finally found to be of only Rs 5 lakh. The actual value was just one per cent of what was declared. The diamond that he declared worthy Rs 22.65 crore is said to be of Rs 30 crore. That way, he might have cheated many customers. That indicated his pre-fabricated cheating plot. This is indeed a clever method of sitting on valuables, even if he is caught or his diamond asset is confiscated for any fraud. But the racket master cannot always be a winner.
He could be successful in cheating his customers and play with dishonest bank officials and, to some extent, the country as a whole until some point of time. That much is more than enough. As the screw tightened now, it is not so easy to fool Indian investigators. He might have understood this fact while trying to change the location of his hide-outs and hiding place of pears and diamonds. Life is becoming increasingly difficult for the fallen tycoon of frauds. His attempt to shift the location of the diamond chest is very well within the radar of Enforcement Directorate. His life will be made more ruinous, if he chooses to roam in disguise. The number of his crime is multiplying now by trying to destroy evidences. On the other side, it is now becoming increasingly evident that he had planned everything in such a way that he could come unhurt from frauds by keeping no high value property in his own name.

Shakespearean dram plot is too simple in comparison with Nirav Modi’s plot of cheating. Only a good team of Sherlock Holms can.
Wharton School drop-out, Nirav Modi belongs to a family with diamond trade for generations. His wife Ami is also a daughter of diamond trader. He knows the geography of the world very well and being in diamond trade throughout his life, he may have found safe-hideouts. But being a fugitive wanted by India and Interpol, it may not be a long stay for him in foreign soil.


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