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Anand Mahindra to fund AhaGuru: Online education boom

Online education has been thriving on pandemic induced lockdown. That is a big bet at least for some times.

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Covid-19 has killed a large number of industries and a much larger number of companies. However, some industries could survive and some segments would find new opportunities. Online learning industry is one such segment that has suddenly found an opportunity to grow. In fact, it is the major beneficiary of the lockdown. As some players have set to grow, they started attracting new investment interests.
AhaGuru is one of the examples. A pioneer in online learning, AhaGuru has raised an undisclosed amount of funding in a Series A round from Anand Mahindra’s family-office led investment firm. The funds will be used to develop new technology features and online courses for high school students and increase its student base across the country as well as in the Middle East. The funds will also help the company expand its team of expert teachers and mentors.

Founded by Dr Balaji Sampath and Ms Gomathi shanmugasundaram to AhaGuru’s research into learning gaps has helped it develop unique techniques to greatly improve conceptual understanding and problem-solving abilities of students. These special techniques in turn lead to AhaGuru students excelling both in competitive exams and school boards. Its focus on learning quality has helped AhaGuru grow organically in Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Kolkata and the investment from Anand Mahindra’s family office will help it expand in more geographies. AhaGuru stands for making learning easier and understandable by deploying well-researched techniques. Their sharp focus on enhancing the quality of teaching science and math can help students grasp fundamentals more effectively, says Anand Mahindra.

“This funding enables us to launch new courses to help students with their school and board exams. We are also working on several new technology features to make the student learning experience richer. We are investing in artificial intelligence to personalise the learning experience for each student,” Dr Balaji Sampath.


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