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The thriving inorganic business has the potential to conquer the world for the misery of the next generation of animal lovers and meat lovers fail to mind the non-science of the ultra-science. The cloning business is attracting huge capital to tap the huge market of meats and pets.

The dangerous next-generation business is set to thrive on the next generation’s craze Of making everything by infringing nature.

None cared when cloned cats and dogs had hit headlines of the science press. When people want to eat the meat of cloned livestock, that’s crazy. Livestock cloning is not a headline but a beautiful advertisement.

A science magazine recently reported. In China, where demand for prime-quality beef is rocketing, another cloning company thinks its customer’s wilt. Boyalife Genomics is reportedly building a $30m cloning facility in the coastal city Of Tianjin, China where it has plans to clone some of the world’s finest beef cattle,” The company now aims to produce 100,000 cloned cattle embryos a year annually and the capacity will go up 10 times over a period. The final aim is to build a share of five percent of ChinaS premium slaughtered cattle and by systematically scaling up pro- duction. By pushing the volume Of production, the company expects cost reduction in the cloning business.

The business of cloning pets also is booming after celebrity singers and fashion designers became customers of pet-cloning companies, whose enterprise values are rising now.


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