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Nature creates nothing that is of no use, be it a material, cyclical change of climate, or thinking power of human beings. All human affairs are connected with nature in one or the other ways. Human beings produced nothing on the earth that is not an extraction from nature. The brainiest animals on the planet misconstrued nature either as a swathe of green bed or a rich orchard that fascinated their eyes. They forgot nature as an eternal source for everything for a sustainable life of every animal, plants, flora and fauna.

As the so-called social animal learned crosscuts the law of nature was infringed and harnessed for undue benefit. The self-curtailment thinking power ultimately made each human being imperfect, which we finally call as the law of nature. Nature is an inexhaustible reservoir of everything that every living being on this planet needs. Nature also has rendered each one right mechanism and capability to tap what is required for its sustenance.

By Heart

But human beings violate everything that no other animals ever do. Living in utter lawlessness, we displace all other animals from their habitation and subjugate their domain. Then we discover ecological imbalance and a crime in our own action. Infringement of law is punishable in the human world. Nevertheless, the same human beings who infringed the law of nature lived without being punished. They ran the reverse way. By the time human beings begin to cry about rising temperature, the other creations of nature begin to be annihilated on the soaring temperature.

Not one or some countable numbers, but too many crimes and massive intellectual bloopers at all levels of modern life. Where the brain is to be used is kept unused or misused. It is astonishing, for everything there are excuses. By Heart takes a journey through the bloopers of human intelligence with due anecdotes. Every reader has something to take home. A book with a difference must be read.

Name of the Book: By Heart

Author: Sajikumar Nair

Language: English

Number of Pages: 214

Cover Price: Rs 299

Paperback Published in 2019

Sajikumar Nair

Sajikumar Nair

A self-made person with an independent view, Sajikumar refuses to stoop to any ideology that curtails the thinking power of human beings. “I am not a product of any institution, I wasn’t spoon-fed ever by anyone, nor would I be so,” he declares. Without any mentor and godfathers, he makes himself up as a role-model for those who are passionate about building an enterprise while being excited about the amazing power of nature. He has encountered many obstacles on his way to reach where he is keen to reach. “I designed and fuelled my life body and mind,” he says about his life. He believes conventionalism is only a dictatorship that enslaves the human mind. Human beings have an extraordinary brain, much more than what each one shows. But a large part of human intelligence is kept either unused or misused or overused for self ruination. Instead of learning from the classroom of nature, we try to learn from the tightly calibrated conventionalism.

Udaykumar KV
Udaykumar K.V.

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By Heart - Sajikumar Nair

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